We help cities and cultural institutions to develop their potential where they cannot see it.

Our Mission

We engage key stakeholders to help cities and investors develop their dreams. 

We know how to brighten up places suffering from decline. We create long-term economic and social values.

We are seeking opportunities to help your organization fully develop its social role.

How we do it?

We carefully listen to your needs and help you to create professional assignment briefs.

We map out the identity of a place and evaluate where is the greatest potential for its development.

Numbers do not always say everything, so we ask everyone who has something to say.

We design processes to find tailor-made solutions that will solve the issues.

We engage not only clients, but also key partners and future users in the search for most suitable solutions. We create partnerships.

Together, we plan an ideal solution for developing your city, place, or organization.

We communicate the vision of your development and build support for its realization.

We share our experience and build capacity for your development.

ONplan provides comprehensive solutions and services in the field of urban planning and regeneration, strategic and cultural planning and place making.

We engage public in decision-making processes and help cities and investors to create sustainable values.

We are Czech leader in the field of cultural planning. We prepare strategies to develop cultural and creative industries in cities and private cultural organizations.