participation advisory

Public involvement in decision-making process can have many benefits but also risks. This is not always an easy decision if participate or not. We help our clients to make that decision.

participation process design

We will set a clear scope and specific goals for your participation so that your participation has the highest possible effect.

tailored participation process

On behalf of our client we manage the entire participatory process by our own methodology. During  participatory process we pay particular attention to context, complete mapping of relevant actors and selection of the most appropriate tool for engaging individual groups.

participation coaching

If you are familiar with participatory processes in your city or organization then we will prepare a set of tailor-made training for you to know how to decide when to participate or not, and which tool to choose in specific situations.

public involvement in strategic planning

During every strategic planning process we pay close attention on mutual communication between public and client. It is crucial that people are involved from the start of each strategic planning process and everybody knows its role and responsibility.

public involvement in public space revitalization

We like public. And we like public space. And we love the most when we can involve public into public space revitalisation.

stakeholder involvement in urban competition

In the beginning of urban competition we are involving all appropriate actors to gain the best knowledge of an area . That ensures the best possible outcome of  competition for our client and maximum insight and inspiration for participants.



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ONplan provides comprehensive solutions and services in the field of urban planning and regeneration, strategic and cultural planning and place making.

We engage public in decision-making processes and help cities and investors to create sustainable values.

We are Czech leader in the field of cultural planning. We prepare strategies to develop cultural and creative industries in cities and private cultural organizations.