Strategic and urban planning

Petr Návrat, MRTPI

Petr Návrat, MRTPI

integrated urban development strategy

We combine strategic planning approach with the concept of territorial development. This approach is particularly widespread in German cities using nation-based methodology (the so-called Integriertes städtebauliches Entwicklungskonzept - ISEK). Its benefits are the interconnection of economic and social issues with urbanism, quality of city buildings, transport solutions and green infrastructure.

preparing and updating strategic plans and development plans

The core of urban development success is a clear plan. Together with our clients  and the involved inhabitants, we create a shared vision of city development. In strategic planning, we focus on establishing a clear vision, measurable goals, and  steps to meet these goals. Instead of tons of described paper, we produce results.

action planning

Each and every strategy requires action. During implementation of strategy, we conduct our clients through the process of action planning.  Our goal is to define specific actions which are needed to implement the strategy to build a common understanding of his tasks. 

socio-economic analysis

We use a combination of socio-economic analyses to accurately evaluate  development potential of cities. Data is the new oil and we know how to drill it.

demographic forecasts

We use predictions of population growth as a part of strategic planning and primary input to assessing the overall development potential of a given site or city.

housing stock analyses

A comprehensive analysis of  housing stock enables us to determine whether the current number of dwellings and their status correspond with planned development.

Policy and strategy evaluation

We perceive evaluation of urban strategies and policies as a prerequisite for launching new strategy or development.

Petr Návrat, MRTPI

Petr Návrat, MRTPI

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ONplan provides comprehensive solutions and services in the field of urban planning and regeneration, strategic and cultural planning and place making.

We engage public in decision-making processes and help cities and investors to create sustainable values.

We are Czech leader in the field of cultural planning. We prepare strategies to develop cultural and creative industries in cities and private cultural organizations.